The Storehouse Cafe – 30th January 2019

Today’s workshop was a very quiet one. Although June and I were ready at 11am, it seemed that the foot traffic at The Storehouse did not pick up until around 12.30pm, and even then those visiting seemed to be on lunch breaks. We considered that perhaps starting the large group embroidery earlier than the set up of Cosy corner may be a good idea, as it would give the opportunity to join in to those with shorter visits to The Storehouse Cafe.

I started by hooping up a mix of hand dyed linen and blue cotton fabrics in two sizes so that any future participants could select their fabric and just start working straight away. After this, June and I worked on our individual blue plaques and discussed how to better promote future workshops. June said she would get in touch with a friend and local textile artist named Hannah, who may have some connections in Bradford who could help. I agreed to search online for local craft groups, or other groups that may meet in the week, and send them emails inviting them along to the last workshop at The Storehouse and the following workshops at Great Horton Village Hall.

Although we did not have any new participants this week, I do feel that seeing June and working in the space was beneficial as it gave us time to consider our next steps in promotion.

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